Do you hate your job or are you an empath?

If you sit around talking with four or five friends, chances are some of them will say they hate their job. In fact, sadly, it seems like you can find more people who hate their jobs than people who feel fulfilled and satisfied in their vocation. (I’ve actually heard people say that you’re not supposed to like your job, after all that’s the definition of work.) So if you’re an empath, how do you know that those feelings of annoyance that you have about your job are really yours?

Think about it. If you’re prone to picking up on and feeling the emotions of others, you’re going to feel particularly strongly about those things that they feel strongly about. When someone hates a job, they tend to feel those feelings pretty strongly. And when you have many people collectively hating a job, those emotions create a vibration that is going to be pretty powerful for the average empath to take in.

If you’re an empath, you probably already know that certain situations where people have strong feelings of fear or anxiety can make you feel super anxious. For example, empaths are likely to feel very claustrophobic and anxious on airplanes because they are surrounded by other people who feel that way.

To determine whether the feelings about your workplace are yours or everyone else’s, pay attention to how you feel about the job after you leave the office. Do your annoyance and your sense of dread occur only when you’re at work? Do you immediately feel better when you leave? Do you hate your job only when you’re around certain people? (That could indicate that you are channeling the feelings or emotions of that person).

Once you’re home, relax and take some deep breaths and meditate on the question. Think about your workplace and then notice the feelings that come up. If you do feel annoyance, is it as strong as it is when you’re at work? If it is, then the feelings are likely yours, but if it isn’t, you want to strengthen your boundaries a bit so you don’t feel so encumbered by the emotions of others.

So how do you do that? The next time you’re at work and you feel the emotions of others start to burden you, take a deep breath, close your eyes and say the following silently: All feelings and emotions that are not mine pass through me and dissolve immediately. I only feel those feelings that belong to me.



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