Crystals for Manifesting Love

If you’ve been feeling down on your love life, you need to find a way to stop thinking and put your manfestation efforts on autopilot. The right crystals may be able to give your love life the boost you need.

Manifesting something as important as love can be challenging, particularly if you have negative thoughts or feelings about relationships or you’ve been hurt before. You may consciously want to be in love but whenever you think about it doubts pop up as well as memories of past hurts or betrayals.

If you find yourself in that situation, your mind can get in the way of your manifesting. You need a way to refocus your energy.

One way to do that is to grab one of your favorite love-associated crystals.

We attract circumstances that align wtih our thoughts and feelings. If our thoughts and feelings about love are primarily thoughts of betrayal, fear or abandonment, we’re not doing ourselves any favors in our quest to attract a satisfying relationship.

Every crystal has its own vibration. When we hold a certain crystal its vibration interacts with our own vibration and actually alters it. When we are stuck in a pattern of negative thoughts, our vibration drops. Holding the right crystal can bring our vibration back up.

Working with crystals can also bring healing to our chakras. For example certain crystals may bring healing to our throat chakra, which could lead us to be more self-expressive. Other crystals may bring healing to our heart chakra, which could help us to become more successful at attracting love into our lives.

If you want to work with crystals to improve your love life, look for those that have a connection to the heart or heart chakra. Pinkish crystals typically have a connection to our hearts.

Not sure what crystals might work? Here are some crystals to consider.
Rose Quartz
Pink Tourmaline

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