Crystal Meanings: How to Detect Messages in Your Crystals

I have always been a proponent of cleansing my crystals as soon as I acquire them. In fact, I’ve been pretty anal about it. I’m somewhat of a germaphobe and I always thought it made sense to cleanse away any vibrations that may be stored in my crystals from previous owners or previous surroundings. But now I’m no longer so quick to cleanse them thanks to a new concept that I’ve been exposed to: If you’re interested in crystal meanings, there may be a message stored in a crystal just for you or a vibration that could benefit you at this moment in your life.

crystal meaningsIf you’ve spent any time working with crystals or you’re interested in deciphering crystal meanings, you know that you don’t choose crystals, but rather crystals choose you. If you spend time around a bunch of crystals, you’ll feel drawn to the ones you want to work with. But what if you’re drawn to a crystal because it has something to tell you? What if the reason a certain crystal is jumping out to you is because you need a dose of its energy at this time.

That idea may not be so far-fetched, particularly for those who are interested in crystal meanings. I was reading a book by Uma Silbey called The Ultimate Guide to Crystals & Stones and she talked about how crystals may have messages stored inside of them. In fact, some crystal enthusiasts believe that crystals and stones have been purposely programmed by people in past civilizations so that the information could be decoded and beneficial to us today.

If you believe in past lives you might even take that idea a bit further. What if you programmed a message into a crystal in a past life and that crystal somehow found its way back to you with the message that could help you move forward in your current life? Is that an amazing idea or what?

Deciphering a Crystal’s Hidden Meaning

So how can you determine whether a new crystal has a message for you? Don’t cleanse the crystal immediately; if you do, you could cleanse whatever message or programming there may be in the crystal.

Instead, hold the crystal in both hands, close your eyes and set the intention to know what is stored on the crystal as long as what is stored is good for you. It’s important to make that distinction because there could be energy stored on the crystal that would not be good for you. You don’t want someone else’s bad vibes to enter your energy field because you absorbed them through a crystal. Remember, you have the power to set boundaries when it comes to the energy that is around you.

Quiet your mind and notice what thoughts, feelings or images pop up for you. Trust that the information you are getting is meant for you. Continue this exercise until your mind clears and nothing more comes to you.

When you are done you can cleanse the crystal as you normally would, as you’ve already received the information you are supposed to get. You can also cleanse part of a crystal and leave the vibration or message that you believe is meant for you. Simply set the intention to clean around the part of the crystal that you wish to keep.

Crystal Meanings: Getting My Message From Moonstone

After reading about this concept, I decided to try it with a crystal I’d been drawn to recently. I was in a metaphysical store over the weekend and my eye was drawn to a piece of Moonstone. And crystal meanings are important to me.

The moonstone I was drawn to is known for mystery, insights and self-discovery.

Moonstone is known for its connection to the moon, and it brings healing qualities as well as aspects of the sacred feminine. It’s also a stone of mystery. If you work with moonstone, don’t be surprised if you begin to unravel some of the mysteries of your inner world. If you’re ready for a period of intense self-discovery, or you’re looking to heighten your intuition, moonstone may be the crystal for you.

So I decided to put my new knowledge in action. Before I cleansed my moonstone, I went into meditation holding it into my hands. I asked that I be given any message intended for me that was for my greater good. I was still and I waited. At first I felt nothing, and then a phrase popped into my head: Reclaim your power.  The phrase repeated a couple of times and then it was gone.

I like the message; I think it is one whose meaning will continue to unfold over time. But now I can cleanse my crystal with the knowledge that I can start with a clean slate since I’ve received the original message the crystal had for me.



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