Could online dating help heal Second Chakra issues?

Your Second Chakra, often referred to as the Sacral Chakra, is located about two inches underneath your navel or belly button. It is the chakra that deals with our sexuality, our relationships, our pleasure and our creativity. The Second Chakra also has to do with issues of self-worth. Many people with Second Chakra challenges avoid romantic and intimate relationships. If you are one of those people, you may find that online dating can help you to move past your 2nd Chakra fears.

It’s very common for people to have a weak or blocked Second Chakra. Traumatic incidents such as sexual assault or rape can lead us to shut that chakra down. We also might shut it down if we are hurt in romantic relationships or if we are trying to lessen our vulnerability around the areas of sexuality and creativity.

People with weak energy around their Second Chakra may have a hard time saying ‘no.’ They may be people pleasers in an attempt to get others to love them because they don’t believe they are naturally worthy of that love. Some people with Second Chakra issues do things to sabotage their romantic relationships because in reality they don’t want to let people in. They might find it easier to pretend they are looking for someone and then do what it takes to make sure that any relationship they engage in doesn’t really go anywhere.

Some people with Second Chakra problems have sexual challenges. They may become addicted to sex or feel guilt and shame around it and avoid it entirely.

If you want to have healthy relationships in your life, it is important to heal your Second Chakra issues, and the beauty of life and healing is that you can heal them. The most important thing when it comes to healing anything is becoming aware of the problem. Once you realize that your Second Chakra may be blocked, you can start taking steps to address your feelings about relationships and sexuality. There are different programs available that can help you to identify whether your Chakras are closed or blocked, and help you to start the healing process.

Another thing you can do is face your fears surrounding dating and your sexuality. It can be scary to just jump into the dating world, but the Internet can give you an opportunity to start to meet people slowly and take baby steps toward intimacy. You can use email to get a conversation going and give yourself more time to feel comfortable in the dating situation.

Another reason online dating can help you to deal with Second Chakra fears is because it allows you to get a broader perspective of someone’s interests and philosophy as long as you use a dating site that puts a strong emphasis on sharing information through detailed profiles.

Finally, you can build your confidence in sharing intimate details of your life over time. Share insights about yourself through your profile and also do so when communicating with people online. You’ll become more comfortable over time and eventually you will gain the confidence to take the relationship to the next level — the real world.



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