Common signs of synchronicity

For those who are in tune with their intuition and inherent psychic ability, synchronicity can provide answers to questions, as well as guidance about what to do next in life. When you move away from an ego-centered life, you learn to look for signs from the Universe that let you know you are on the right track, or nudge you in the right direction if you have slipped off-course.

Synchronicity occurs when related events occur that have no causal relationship. In other words, something will happen that seems like a coincidence, but in reality it is a message for you from the Universe.

So what does synchronicity look like? There are many signs of synchronicity. Here are some common ones.

You see a certain animal cross your path. When you’re going about your day and an animal crosses your path, that animal has a message for you. It’s no coincidence that you happened to be at a certain location at the same time as that animal. To determine what message the animal might have for you, ask yourself what that animal symbolizes to you. For example, you might look at a squirrel and think of how it stores nuts for the winter. The message, then, for you might be to save up for a rainy day.

You see the same animal cross your path more than once. It’s important to pay attention when an animal crosses your path once. But when the same animal crosses your path multiple times, the Universe is indeed trying to get your attention. Often if a message is particularly important, the same sign or symbol might repeat itself so you pay attention.

You constantly see the same numbers. Have you ever noticed that it’s the same time whenever you look at the clock? Perhaps every time you glance at the clock, it’s 2:18. Or maybe you look up at the :59 minute of every hour. When you keep seeing the same numbers over and over again, that’s another sign that you need to pay attention. What do those numbers mean to you? Consider reading up on numerology to see whether there is something for you to learn.

You hear the same piece of information from multiple people. Have you ever gotten a bit of advice from one person and then received that same piece of advice from someone else? Or maybe two different people told you about a particular book that they read. When that happens, that piece of information is a message for you. The more frequently you hear a piece of information, the more important it is that you heed the message.

Synchronicity is a gift that can help us to make sense of the many mysteries of the Universe. By paying attention to the signs and symbols that you see over and over again in your daily life, you ensure that you are living in the flow.


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