Why that closed door is the answer to your prayers

Having a door shut in your face can be one of the most challenging experiences you can face. When you feel like doors of opportunity are closed to you, it’s easy to give up on a dream or feel like success is permanently outside of your grasp.

But in reality, a closed door is one of the ways that the Universe communicates with us and eliminates confusion from our lives. ┬áConfusion keeps us stuck in one place as we are afraid to move forward because we don’t know what to do. When you ask for guidance, you might even ask for a door to shut so that you can focus your attention on what the Universe and your Higher Self want you to do. Learn to see a door closing in your life as the gift that it is. A time to march confidently in a new direction. Then, thank the Universe for providing the answer that you most need to get.

Doors of opportunity

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