Cissy Houston’s premonitions about Whitney’s death

For the last week there has been so much coverage of the tragic death of Whitney Houston, but a few parts of the story show the power of intuition, particularly as it relates to death.

In the funeral program, her mother, Cissy Houston, published a letter to Whitney. In the letter, she writes:

I never told you that when you were born the Holy Spirit told me that you would not be with me long and I thank God for the beautiful flower he allowed me to raise and cherish for 48 years.

She went on to write about the night of Whitney’s death and how she believes Whitney’s spirit visited her.

On Saturday, before I found out about your transition, my doorbell rang. I went to answer it but there was no one there. It rang again and again, no one was there. I called the concierge to tell him someone was ringing my doorbell. He checked the cameras and told me that no one was there. You promised me you were coming to spend time with me after the Grammy’s. I believe the spirits allowed you to come after all.

Finally, she wrote about her premonition that something wasn’t right in the preceding weeks:

For two months now I have been depressed, crying, lonesome and sad not knowing why.

Stories like this aren’t unusual. In fact, many people talk of having dreams or other experiences in which they believe their dead loved ones are trying to communicate with them. The book Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11┬áby Bonnie McEneaney talks about how people who died on that day communicated with their loved ones.

Stories like this remind us all of the temporary nature of death, and that there is so much more to life than we can regularly comprehend.


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