Can the soul leave the body before death?

Have you ever wondered when the soul actually leaves the body at the end of a lifetime? This question is sometimes asked in reference to when someone is on life support. People often wonder if a person who is being kept alive by a ventilator or other hospital machines is still alive or if the soul has already passed over to the other side.

In the book Destiny of Souls, by Michael Newton, that question is discussed at length. Michael Newton writes about his experiences as a hypnotherapist who works with people to help them remember their experiences between lives. Just as a past life regressionist would help you to remember details of your past life, Newton would help you to remember the time between incarnations. According to Newton, this is the time that we analyze what went wrong and what went right in our various lives and continue learning our spiritual lessons.

When we are between lives, we also reconnect with our soul groups — those souls that are particularly close to us and invested in our spiritual growth, just as we are invested in their spiritual growth. Sometimes we use the time between lives to heal and rest and get our energy up so that we are able to continue our soul lessons on Earth.

Some of the people who Newton worked with remembered leaving their bodies prior to death moments before a violent experience. Recognizing what was about to happen, the soul left the body and did not experience the pain of the violent death. That can be a comforting thought to those who have lost a loved one to a violent and traumatic event. There is a chance that the loved one did not suffer as much you might have thought.

However, that isn’t always the case. Others who Newton worked with talked about being surprised and unable to escape the body in time to avoid the pain and shock of the traumatic or violent death.

People who experience traumatic life experiences such as rape often describe leaving their body and looking down at the travesty that is currently happening to them. In light of Newton’s research, it’s not far-fetched to believe that in those instances, again, the soul detaches from the body to avoid suffering.

Some also believe that the soul leaves the body for astral travel, though others point out that a part of the soul always remains in the body during such out-of-body experiences. To read more about Newton’s work studying what happens between lives, click here.



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