Boston Marathon winner practiced Law of Attraction

If you’re looking for Law of Attraction success stories, look no further than the Boston Marathon. The winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon was Meb Keflezighi, who was the first American male to win the marathon since 1983.

While that, in itself, is an interesting feat, what’s even more interesting is when Keflezighi was describing how he had prepared for the race. He utilized Law of Attraction principles.

Of course he trained his body and prepared for the race physically. But he also prepared the way mentally and spiritually, since he says he visualized himself winning the race every day since last year’s Boston Marathon bombings.

So the takeaway: Persistence counts. He didn’t visualize once and forget about it. He consistently visualized himself winning until that vision imprinted itself in his subconscious mind and his outer world reflected what was in his thoughts. In this case, it took a year. How long are you willing to visualize until you reach your goal?

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