Bored with Life? An exercise in gratitude

reliefEver feel tired, frustrated, bored, anxious otherwise discontented with your life? If so, you should try what I call the Re-Boot Experiment. I started doing this years ago whenever I felt overwhelmed or otherwise not grateful for the things that I had or not sure how to go about making the changes I wanted to make.

Everything in your life is a matter of perception. The way you interpret the events of the day, the amount of potential certain choices have, the way you feel about your job, your home, your relationships, everything. When we look at the same things day after day, we tend to get jaded. Rather than seeing potential, we often get so mired down into ‘what is,’ that we can’t even imagine things being different.

But what if you were given the opportunity to enter a new body and a new life for the day? Except that body and life are the ones that you currently have. In other words, what if you were an extraterrestrial from another planet, or a visitor from another spiritual dimension, and you were told that you could create anything you wanted from the life that is right in front of you. You’d be forced to look at your life with new eyes, new perceptions and I bet you’d see some new choices and opportunities.

Think of how you feel when you get something new. A new job, a new place to live, a new relationship? When something is new, there are no bad memories and there is a clean slate in front of you. You’d look at all of the things you have to work with and see potential. For example, you might look at your dreary living room and realize that you can spend a Saturday with a bucket of paint turning it into a peaceful and beautiful haven. You might look at the job that you dread going to and see how you can parlay the experience into a resume that can catapult you into the job you’ve always imagined but never went out for. You might look at your empty social calendar and think of all the meetups, meetings, classes and public events that you can fill it with as you attract new fun and relationships.

The beauty of this exercise is that since you’re entering your body for the first time, all of your mistakes, perceived failures and disappointments belong to somebody else. You have the potential without the baggage.

I’ve noticed that whenever I do this exercise, I have a new enthusiasm for my current projects and the inspiration to start even more fulfilling ones. The drudgery of the day-to-day even becomes less drudgery. I always end up doing an immaculate job with tidying up and cooking and approach even cleaning the toilets with an appreciation of having this beautiful, clean place in which to live.

You can do this for a day, a week, or until you forget again about all of the things there are in your life to be grateful for. You’ll be amazed by how much you transform your life and how your shifted perceptions cause your life to change. 


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