Boosting communication the metaphysical way

telephoneSo how open are the lines of communication in your life? Are your relationships characterized by honesty, stability and intimacy? Or is tension, miscommunication or even no communication going on between you and your loved ones? While you can’t force someone to talk to you, you can change the entire dynamic of the relationship, and all of your relationships, metaphysically.

The key is to look at all of the methods people have to get in touch with you and determine whether your lines of communication are clear. Check your email. Do you have hundreds or even thousands of messages piled up in your inbox that you haven’t discarded or handled appropriately? If so, you’re sending out a message to the universe that there’s not much room for clear communication. Get started on clearing out that inbox and you’ll create room for people to get in touch with you or share more with you digitally.

Next, look at your voice mailbox. I know people with so many messages in their mailbox that others literally cannot leave a message. That’s explicitly sending a message that you don’t have room in your life for new relationships or even to maintain the ones that you currently have. At the same time, it’s letting the Universe know that you can’t handle your current relationship-load, so guess what? The Universe always wants to help you out and it slows the flow of communication toward you.

So what about your physical mailbox? Is it working ok? Does the door to the mailbox blow open with the wind? Is the mailbox physically well-maintained, or is it leaning to the side or in need of paint? In other words, how welcoming is it? If your mailbox isn’t welcoming, it, again, sends a message to the Universe that you’re not in a welcoming frame of mind for communication and interaction with others.

Don’t forget social media. If you have a Facebook account or Twitter account, but you don’t respond to people who contact you that way, you’re sending a message to the Universe, again, to slow your communications down. If you’re missing out on communications because you don’t check your social media accounts regularly, maybe you don’t really need them. It’s better to close the account than to abandon it. Or if you don’t want to close the accounts entirely, schedule time periodically, such as once a week, to respond to those who took the time to reach out to you.

No relationship exists in a vacuum. Everything you do in life sends a message and has an energetic imprint on your journey. Make sure all of your lines of communication are clear and all of your relationships will benefit from it.



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