Books about Goddesses in honor of Mother’s Day

goddessesWith Mother’s Day approaching there’s much emphasis on the feminine. Goddesses are the ultimate symbol of the feminine. These deities possess wisdom and often supernatural powers to inspire us to embrace certain characteristics. Different cultures revere different Goddesses, and each Goddess typically is associated with a certain power or skill. For example, some Goddesses may facilitate healing, some may focus on love, and others may be associated with war and even death.

When you want to conjure up a certain skill or mastery in your life, you can call on the Goddess who oversees that skill. For example, Bast, commonly referred to as Bastet,  is an Egypt Goddess who is associated with her protective qualities. She is represented by the cat or the lioness, and she can be called upon when you need protection from something or someone. Another Goddess — Aphrodite — is Greek and she specializes in love, beauty and fertility. If you’re seeking help in matters of romance, Aphrodite might be the one that you want to call.

While many Western religions have been known to be patriarchal, meaning they revere males, many Eastern religions have long held women in high esteem. Those who are spiritually adept know that balance is the ideal — masculine and feminine energy together wield the most power.

But this is a good time to focus on the feminine, and learn about the contributions that Goddesses have made to spiritual growth and development. It’s also a good time to choose a Goddess to work with. It doesn’t matter which culture she comes from. What matters is that you understand her gifts and call on her to help you to develop those qualities within yourself. Karen Drucker, who creates inspiring metaphysical music has a wonderful song called Gifts of the Goddess on her CD Songs Of The Spirit II where she talks about receiving all of the powers that the Goddesses have to impart.

If you want to take your knowledge of the Goddesses to another level, these resources will take you there.

Goddess Signs: Which One Are You is written by professional astrologer Angelica Danton and it makes a correlation between the zodiac and various ancient Goddesses. Danton comes up with 12 Goddess signs to help women understand what Goddess qualities and attributes they naturally possess. If you think understanding your zodiac sign is illuminating, this book will show you the feminine power that you already possess and how you can leverage that power in your life to improve your relationships, career choices, and financial situation. You’ll also learn your lucky numbers, colors, and magical symbols.


Another book that’s reaming with the feminine energy of the Goddess is Goddess Alive!: Inviting Celtic & Norse Goddesses Into Your Life.

This book features information on the following Goddesses: Cerridwyn, the Welsh Goddess of Rebirth and Renewal; Brigid, the Irish Goddess of Healing, the Forge, and Creative Inspiration; Eostre, Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring; Freyja, Norse Goddess of Love and War; Aine, Irish Goddess of Faeries and Fertility; Danu, Irish Mother Goddess of Wisdom; Modron, Welsh Mother Goddess of Mystery; Hella, Norse Goddess of the Underworld; Branwen, Welsh Goddess of Sovereignty; Maeve, Irish Goddess of Personal Power; The Valkyries, Norse Goddesses of Battle Magic and Soul Journey; Morrighan,  Irish Goddess of Magic and Death and Rhiannon, Welsh Great Queen and Horse Goddess. You’ll also learn rituals, meditations and magical tasks that will help you to  incorporate these qualities into your life and unleash the power of these Goddesses.


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