How to block a family member’s negative energy

family negative energyIdeally, if someone enters your space bringing negative energy, you would be able to simply walk away and avoid that person. But that is not always possible. Sometimes the person who is draining you is a family member with negative energy. That family member may even live with you. When you can’t escape a person with negative energy (and you may not want to if it’s a loved one), there are steps you can take to keep their negative energy from bringing you down.

One thing you can do is ask your spirit guides for protection. You don’t need to perform any complicated ritual; simply take a deep breath and ask them to protect you from the negative energy of those around you.

Another thing you can do is ground yourself by meditating or praying. Clear your mind of thoughts and worries and visualize yourself surrounded by a clear bubble that protects you from the negative energy of others.

Some people wear crystals such as black tourmaline for protection. You might wear the crystal whenever you are around that person or simply carry it around in your pocket. Set the intention that the crystal absorb the negative energy.

Water can also absorb negative energy, so sitting a glass or bowl of water around you when the negative person is around can be helpful. However, don’t drink that water; instead flush it down the toilet when the person leaves.

Unfortunately, the person can come to visit you and leave, and some of their negative energy may be left behind. Luckily, there are  steps you can take to cleanse the room after a person with negative energy leaves. Burning sage is good for protection from negative energy. You might also light a candle when the person comes around and again, set the intention that you be protected from negative energy.

If the person who has negative energy is a loved one, chances are you want to help them. You want them to be surrounded by positivity, not negativity. Prayer is the most powerful gift you can give that person. Pray that the person is able to connect to their own spiritual power and once that happens, the negative aura around them will lessen its grip.


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