How being vague can lift your vibration

Scheduling time for your worries is a great way to reduce their power over you, but you can also worry less and attract more peaceful thoughts by making a shift in focus. If you’ve ever read any of the Law of Attraction books by Jerry and Esther Hicks, you may be familiar with the concept of moving your thoughts from being specific and detailed to being more general and vague. You may have learned in school that its better to be specific and detailed, but when it comes to negative thoughts and the Law of Attraction, you’d do better mastering the art of being vague.

When you’re thinking about something you’re worried about or don’t like in your life, chances are you can describe it in much detail. For example, if you hate your boss, you can probably describe to someone all of the reasons you hate him. For example, you hate the way he interrupts you when you’re talking, you hate how he takes credit for your work and you hate how he has a tendency to speak to you and your colleagues in a condescending manner. When you describe all of the reasons you hate him, you’re focusing on all of the negative attributes. Not only does that attract more similar experiences to you, according to the Law of Attraction, but it probably makes you feel bad in the process.

Jerry and Esther Hicks, in their Law of Attraction teachings, frequently talk about the wisdom of moving from specific negative thoughts to more general negative thoughts. In the example above, your specific thought might be, “I hate my boss because he doesn’t respect me.” A more general thought might be, “I hate my boss.”  (Notice that you’re not going into as much detail when you don’t name the reasons for your dislike of your boss.) An even more general thought might be “Work is ok except for my boss.” In this statement, you’re spending less time thinking about why you dislike something and even manage to speak favorably about an aspect of your job. An even more general though might be, “Many people dislike their bosses but have productive careers.”

Each time you shift your negative thoughts in a more general direction, you’re decreasing the power they have over you and you’re likely feeling better about your life and situation in the process. As you focus less on the things that get you down and more on the ones that lift you up, you’ll attract more uplifting thoughts in the process.


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