Bad vibes at work? Why you shouldn’t ignore them

Have you ever gotten bad vibes from a boss or a co-worker at your job? It’s easy to dismiss such a feeling. After all, it’s not uncommon for people to dislike their boss or other people in the workplace. However, you should not ignore it because your vibes could be telling you that someone does not have your best interests in mind.

You can pick up bad vibes anywhere. If you have bad vibes at work, first ask yourself how long you’ve felt this way. If you felt bad vibes the minute you met a manager or a co-worker, you’re likely picking up something intuitively about this person. Perhaps you may even have shared a past life with this person and you could be sensing the residue of unfinished business that was simply not pleasant.

If you started getting bad vibes recently though you didn’t get bad vibes from this person before there’s a good chance that the person’s intentions toward you may have changed in a way that does not benefit you. Perhaps they are jealous of you, or they see you as their main competition for a new promotion they want. Or perhaps your company is getting ready to begin layoffs and a manager is looking at you as someone who could be cut from the company to save money.

The key is that you should trust your intuition at work. Don’t assume that you’re just being paranoid.

So what should you do if you pick up bad vibes at work? There’s no need to confront anyone based on your intuition. Consider your intuition to be an early warning system. There’s no need to clue someone in on your fears, but you should definitely watch closely to see if your feelings of foreboding continue.

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You can also take some precautions. If you can, you might stay away from this person. However, this is often not a realistic option particularly if you have to work closely with them. But you should definitely trust your gut and look out for yourself.

Document everything. If someone is jealous of you at work or is out to get you, they may lie about your work accomplishments. Keep track of all correspondence with this person. Also document any interactions. Just as you would protect yourself if someone gave you a physical reason not to trust them, trust your vibes in that same way.

If you have bad vibes about the entire workplace, it might be time to update your resume and start putting out some feelers for new opportunities. Your intuition can be the biggest asset in helping you to move forward with your career. You’ve simply got to trust it.

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