Attraction in Action: Manifesting mishaps…

Real stories of people using the Law of Attraction to get desired results can be inspiring and educational — but so can stories of people mis-using LOA and reaping not-so-happy outcomes.

Consider the following real-world LOA mishap:

Nancy, a 40-something school administrator, wanted to quit her job and become a full-time massage therapist. She did some massage work on the side, and she believed that massage therapy was her calling or purpose in life. She talked incessantly about how she was tired of her 9-to-5 job and she really wanted to leave it to follow her heart. She described to anyone who would listen how long her days were and how they prohibited her from moving forward in her massage business. What she didn’t do is spend a little time each day visualizing and working on her massage business. One day, she gave herself a deadline for when she would leave her job. She said she’d leave the job six months later, on September 30th. When September rolled around, Nancy knew she wasn’t ready to leave her job. She hadn’t saved enough money, nor had she done enough with her massage business to truly get it off the ground. So she decided she wouldn’t leave her job. But to her surprise, on September 30, she was laid off from the job anyway.

What Nancy should have done: 

Nancy spent a lot of time focusing on the job she didn’t like. In fact, all the time she spent talking to friends about it she could have been focusing on what she did want, which was a flourishing massage therapy business. If she had to talk about something, she should have been talking to her friends about her exciting plans and about all of the clients she was going to attract. Who knows? By talking about her budding massage therapy business, she probably would have come across some new clients or been introduced to someone who was looking for a massage therapist. She did succeed in using LOA to rid herself of the job. She attracted a circumstance in which she lost the job even though she didn’t want it to happen that way.

This story does have a happy ending. Nancy has gone on to launch her massage therapy business and, in retrospect, she doesn’t regret having moved on from that job. But when it comes to manifesting, “now I’m a little more careful about what I think and I’m way more conscious about what I ask for,” she says.

You don’t have to learn how to use the Law of Attraction. You’re always attracting effectively. Question is: Are you attracting what you want?



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