Are your thoughts prepaving the way?

Have you ever had to get in touch with someone you didn’t know¬†and you found out that a friend already knew that person? If so, did you ask your friend to make the introduction or offer some advice on how to make the meeting go more smoothly? If so, you prepaved the way. In other words, you took action to make sure you had the best outcome possible.

You can do that each day with your thoughts. Your thoughts are powerful, and when you consciously direct your thoughts, you give them energy. At the start of the day, you can visualize how you want the day to go and you can literally impact the way things turn out. Imagine how you want to feel. Close your eyes and allow those feelings to bubble up to the surface. If you want to experience peace, allow yourself to feel it now. If you want to feel love and acceptance, imagine that it is done and feel the feelings now.

This technique can also be used if you have a question or need answers. Simply imagine yourself getting the answers that you need. In fact, say a prayer of Thanksgiving for the answer you were looking for and know that it is done.

If you’re looking for a service professional, such as an accountant or a new doctor, close your eyes and visualize yourself meeting with someone who you have an excellent rapport with. Imagine yourself feeling comfortable with this person and imagine the outcome of your interaction being very favorable for you.

Before a big business meeting or a job interview, imagine yourself really liking the person that you’re meeting with. Visualize yourself six months from now extremely happy with your life. So you know that whatever comes of the meeting or interview, you will be ecstatic six months from now.

When you’re traveling, whether by car, plane or train, imagine yourself reaching your destination safely and happily.

This doesn’t have to be a long, convoluted process. Simply see your desired outcome before embarking on any activity.

And watch how your life begins to unfold in a way that is more pleasing to you.

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