Are you digging ditches? The wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn

ditchesIf you are a believer in the Law of Attraction or a lover of metaphysics you must one day take the time to read some of the works of Florence Scovel Shinn, such as The Game of Life and Your Word is Your Wand.

One of the concepts that she wrote about often is that of digging your ditches. When you desire something, you must have absolute faith that it will happen before it does. One way to show that faith is to dig your ditches.

Just think about the phrase ‘dig your ditches.’ Who would dig a ditch for no reason? You would only exert the energy and time to dig a ditch if you had a good reason, right? You only dig a ditch because you expect to do something with that ditch. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, expectation is key.

In The Game of Life, Shinn describes a woman who was looking for a new apartment in a crowded real estate market:

A woman found it necessary to look for an apartment during the year when there was a great shortage of apartments in New York. It was considered almost an impossibility, and her friends were sorry for her and said, “Isn’t it too bad, you’ll have to store your furniture and live in a hotel.” She replied, “You needn’t feel sorry for me, I’m a superman, and I’ll get an apartment.”

She spoke the words: “Infinite Spirit, open the way for the right apartment.” She knew there was a supply for every demand, and that she was “unconditioned,” working on the spiritual plane, and that “one with God is a majority.”

She had contemplated buying new blankets, when “the tempter,” the adverse thought or reasoning mind, suggested, “Don’t buy the blankets, perhaps, after all, you won’t get an apartment and you will have no use for them.” She promptly replied (to herself): “I’ll dig my ditches by buying the blankets!” So she prepared for the apartment — acted as though she already had it.

She found one in a miraculous way, and it was given to her although there were over two hundred other applicants.

The blankets showed active faith.

Are you digging your ditches and preparing for what you want in your life as if it is already there? Or are you taking a wait and see approach like society often tells us to take?

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