Are you an old soul?

Have you ever wondered what it means it to an old soul? If you have, chances are, you just may be one. Most of us have lived before our current lifetimes. Reincarnation is the process of being born again. Souls typically live life after life in order to amass lessons and evolve.

However, not all souls live the same number of lifetimes, and some souls are older than others. Generally speaking, the older the soul, the more life wisdom that soul has managed to accumulate. As a result, there are characteristics that are common to old souls.

They are wise beyond their years. Old souls are blessed with wisdom. They are the people that instinctively see the greater picture and understand the bigger lesson. They also have a keen understanding of human nature, and people often come to them for advice.

They have an interest in psychic abilities. Old souls are often natural healers. They are interested in intuition. They may frequently get psychic readings. Eventually, they often take psychic development courses or may learn a healing modality such as Reiki.

They are not as attached to the ego. Old souls tend to be those humble and peaceful people who understand that materialism is not the key to happiness. They often want to follow their passion; they’d rather be happy than be rich (if they can’t be both). They may try to do work they love, and they often strive to discover and live their purpose.

They feel like they do not belong. Many old souls will look around them and feel that they don’t quite fit in. In many respects, they don’t, because they will have a different perspective on life than younger souls that they come in contact with. They may also be loners, and prefer to spend time reading books over attending social events.

They believe they their life has a higher purpose. Old souls know instinctively that they have been born for a reason. They seek that reason, and they have a desire to live according to their purpose. They value life, and understand that all things that happen are part of the natural evolution toward a greater good.

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