Are hidden pockets of clutter keeping you stuck?

clutter-smallIf I told you that the state of your house (or your car or your office or anywhere you spend a large amount of your time) represented the state of your inner energy flow, what would you think? Is your home orderly? Is it full of clutter? Does it look orderly to those who enter the main rooms but it’s really a mess if one ventured into the hidden back rooms?

For many of us, cleaning up means cheating. Putting things we don’t know what to do with in bags or closets or drawers and shutting them away and pretending that we’ve managed our space well. But the problem with that is all of those things that we’ve managed to hide away are still there and they still give off a stale energy that is messing with the home’s energy flow.

Some of this stuff that is hidden away may connect to certain areas of our lives. We may have stuff that makes us think about a past relationship in the back of a closet. We don’t see it or even remember that it’s there but we wonder why we haven’t been able to successfully start a relationship with someone new.

Or we may have so much clutter and disarray in certain parts of our home that we would be embarrassed to open our entire home to a loved one. If that’s the case, you’re putting up a block to true intimacy because you’re hiding aspects of your home and aspects of yourself.

Every so often it is crucial that we discard things. If we’re growing and evolving in life, we need to embrace the new, but we have to make room for the new. The only way we can make room for the new is by releasing the old.

The Spring is a great time to do this. The concept of Spring cleaning ties in with the season’s spirit of rebirth and renewal. We want to enjoy that spirit of rebirth and renewal in our own lives and one way to invite it in is to dig deep and clean beyond the surface of our homes.

  1. Clean out the closets and crevices and drawers and under the bed.
  2. Throw out those things you’ve put in bags because you didn’t want to make a decision about what to do with them before.
  3. Be decisive, be willing to let go and enjoy the feeling of peace and serenity that comes natural when an environment is in order.
  4. Open your home — and your life — to those who are important to you and to new relationships.
  5. Do it gradually, not in one swoop. A little bit each day goes further and lasts longer than one extreme action.
  6. Shake up the energy in your home and watch the energy shake up in your life. In a good way.


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