Anxious? How crystal jewelry calms my nerves

Anxiety has a way of making a bad situation worse. When I’m anxious, my mind races, I tense up and I believe I subconsciously put up blocks to manifesting what I want in my life. While I can numb the anxiety using wine — and I sometimes do 🙂 , I know that a better solution is to ground myself spiritually. One way that I do that is through the use of crystal jewelry.

crystal jewelryRecently I’ve been feeing anxious about some changes going on in my life (though they are good changes), so I went to a metaphysical shop and picked up a couple of hematite rings. I wanted to ground myself and calm my nerves.  Here’s what happened and how it made things a lot better.

Like it or not, anxiety is something we all have to deal with at certain times in our lives.  I don’t care how connected to the Universe you are, life happens.

Maybe you’ve recently started a new job and you want to make a good impression. Or you’ve entered a new relationship and you’re still uncertain about whether you really want to put yourself out there (or you’re wondering whether the other person is as into you as you are into them.) Or maybe you’re having some financial challenges and you’re trying to keep calm.

Spiritual jewelry can give you the metaphysical boost you need to get through the situation.

But you have to do something proactive in order to get the most out of your crystal jewelry — you have to take care of it. Many of us know that we have to cleanse our crystals when we first get them and every so often, but you might not realize that crystal jewelry needs the same kind of love, care and attention.

crystal jewelryBut it’s not surprising if you think about it.

When you’re using crystal energy to absorb negative energy, don’t you want to make sure that energy is removed? Do you really want to put that piece of crystal jewelry back on with all of the negative energy from the day before still clinging to it?

So if you’re going to be working with crystal jewelry to find love, improve your financial situation or improve your career, you have to know how to clean it. Here’s a process I often use. 



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