Animal Symbols: Signs an Animal is Trying to Warn You

When an animal crosses your path, you would be wise not to take the experience lightly. Animal symbols can be powerful, offering you guidance and insight into the next steps on your path. A rabbit may let you know that you are entering a fertile period. A skunk could be giving you a preview of some funky times soon to come. But sometimes, animals cross your path to warn you about something that may lie ahead. Here are some signs that an animal has a warning for you that you would be wise to take heed.

animal symbolsYou feel uneasy after seeing the animal. Whenever an animal crosses your path and you want to figure out what it’s trying to tell you, one of the first things you should do is pay attention to your feelings. Were you excited to see the animal? Intrigued? Perhaps even more telling, were you uneasy?

Your intuition speaks to you in many ways; one way is through physical sensations. If an animal crosses your path and you feel uncomfortable or you feel like something is wrong, consider that a warning to slow down and pay attention. The animal could be bringing you a message that there is a situation in your life where there may be more to it than meets the eye.

You come across an animal that you hate or fear. The type of animal that crosses your path has a lot to do with the message. When you are interpreting animal symbols or trying to determine what an animal is trying to tell you, consider what that particular animal means to you.

Animal dictionaries can be helpful, as they provide information about common animal symbols and meanings. However, an animal can mean one thing to one person and something else entirely to you. So ask yourself, ‘what do I think about when I consider this particular animal?’ If you love ladybugs and a ladybug crosses your path, that would likely be a good omen for you. On the flip side, if you are terrified of snakes and one slithers across your path, the Universe may be flashing a giant warning sign.

You dream about an animal while you are having a nightmare. Our dreams are one of the ways that we receive intuitive messages. Dreams are also often symbolic. Similarly, our intuition often works by sending us symbols, particularly when we are clairvoyant. (Click here for signs that you are clairvoyant.)

If you dream about an animal while you are having a nightmare, think about the animal in the context of the dream. Was the animal chasing you? Was the animal a threat? Again, pay attention to the feelings conjured up during the dream and apply that to your life.

What if an animal bites you or eats you in a dream?

There are different theories about what it ultimately means if a dog bites you in a dream or some other animal attacks you. Remember that animal symbols are often not literal. Just because the animal hurts you in a dream, you shouldn’t automatically assume that you are being warned that someone will hurt you.

Another common belief if that if an animal bites you in a dream it is giving you its power. So a lion might symbolize power and courage to you. If that’s the case and you dream that a lion bit you, the dream could be telling you that you have been given the courage to deal with a challenging situation in your life.

How to figure out an animal warning

So what do you do if you think an animal is giving you a warning? Consider taking the following steps:

Ask for more information. Whenever we want more insight into something, we can simply ask. Ask your spirit guides to send you more information about what you need to know. Then keep your eyes open for signs and synchronicities around you.

Try automatic writing. One technique that can help you to get more intuition information is to employ automatic writing. Ask yourself what the animal is trying to tell you and use your non-dominant hand (if you are right-handed, use your left hand) to simply dump information onto a piece of paper. Don’t think about it. Don’t allow your conscious mind to interrupt the stream of consciousness. You may be shocked at what you discover.

Seek outside help. Sometimes we are too close to a situation to tell the difference between our intuition and what we want to happen. In these cases, a psychic may be able to help you to make sense of the animal warning you have received. You can chat with a psychic for free here.

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