Animal symbolism: When a dead animal crosses your path

animal symbolismAnimal symbolism is one of the most powerful ways that the Universe communicates with us. Those who have embraced a metaphysical life often look to the animals we see for signs of what we should do in our lives. For example, since squirrels are masters of gathering acorns for the winter, a squirrel crossing our path might give us the message to start saving for a rainy day.  Likewise, a deer might remind us to move through our obstacles with sensitivity and intuition.

But how can we tell what animal symbolism is trying to tell us if the animal is no longer alive?  What does it mean if we come across a dead animal? Perhaps your car passes a raccoon on the side of the road. Or perhaps a small animal has died in your garage or your back yard. Do the traditional meanings still apply?

The traditional meanings do still apply, but there is a caveat. The death of an animal carries a second meaning.

The animal symbolism of a dead animal

Death is a natural cycle of life. Death is not an ending, but rather it is a transition from one form to another. So the death of an animal is not a sign of an ending, but rather one of transition. It might be alerting us that we are ending one cycle in our lives and moving toward a new one. It might be letting us know that it is time to make a new choice. It might be letting us know that a major life transition is at hand.

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Different people will likely have a different take on the message. When determining what an animal is trying to tell you, it’s important to look at the message in light of what’s currently going on in your life. Ask yourself, what are your current questions? What are your current challenges? What are you grappling with? The messages you receive from the Universe will likely make sense in light of your current situation.

If you’re not sure what message you’re supposed to take away from the experience, meditate on it. Or ask the Universe to send you a clearer sign and stay alert for signs and symbols that provide clarity. You can also increase the signs and synchronicities that show up in your life.

For example, you might hear a song on the radio or turn the television on and hear someone say something that strongly resonates with you. You might feel an urge to read a particular book or magazine article that sheds light on your current dilemma. Signs and symbols surround us constantly. It’s up to you to set the intention to receive them.

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If an animal crosses your path or another message gets your attention and you have no idea how to interpret it, a psychic may also be able to help.






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