Animal symbolism: Seeing an animal multiple times

animal symbolismWhat if you see the same animal over and over again? How do you know what it’s trying to tell you? Animal symbolism can help you to figure out what to do next in your life.

Everyone wants to know what steps they should take next in their lives. You might ask yourself: Should I take this job? Should I spend time with this person? Should I end this relationship? If you’re wondering whether you should make a certain move, the animals in your environment could hold the answer. If you see an animal multiple times, the message is all the more important.

Synchronicity is the way that the Universe speaks to us. We get messages all the time. The problem is, sometimes we’re not paying attention so we miss them. If a message is particularly important, we’ll often get the same message over and over again. It’s the Universe’s way of saying ‘Pay Attention!’

When an animal crosses our path unexpectedly, it is often the Universe’s way of speaking to us. If we see the same animal more than once, that’s a sign that it is important to heed that animal’s message. Once you get the message and apply it to your life, you may find that you no longer see that particular animal.

How do we know what the animal is trying to tell us? We can always look it up in a book of animal symbolism. However, you can also use your own intuition to discover what an animal is trying to tell you.

How to decipher animal symbolism

If you want to know what an animal is trying to tell you, there are a number of things you can do.

1 Ask yourself what that animal means to you. Write down the qualities that you think of when you think of that animal. Then apply those qualities to your own life. Are those qualities that could help you to solve any of your current problems?

2 Another way to explore an animal’s meaning to you is to journal about it. Allow yourself to write without stopping to think about what you want to say. Use your less dominant hand, so if you’re right-handed, that would mean using your left hand to journal about the animal. By writing the first thing that comes to mind, you may even begin to fall into automatic writing — the process of tapping into psychic energy through the written word. When you engage in automatic writing, the Universe sends psychic messages to you through your writing once you can get your logical mind out of the way.

3 Your dreams can also help you to figure out what an animal means. Set the intention before going to sleep to understand what the animal was trying to tell you. Have a dream journal ready so you can write down your thoughts when you awaken.

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