Animal symbolism: Acknowledging the sign

butterflyYesterday we talked about the meaning of a dead animal crossing your path. We’ve also discussed in the past how animals we come across in our day-to-day lives often have special messages for us to help us to make the best choices.

For example, say you’ve been feeling frustrated because a situation isn’t going the way that you would like. You may feel like you’ve been existing in an extended period of darkness and you just wish you would get a sign that light is on the way.

You might walk outside and see a butterfly sitting on your stoop. The butterfly might remind you of the beauty that occurs once we emerge from the dark cocoons in our lives. That might be enough of a sign to lift you out of your mood and renew your faith that better things are to come. (A good source of information on animal symbolism is Steven D. Farmer’s Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals.)

Think of these special moments with the animals as gifts from the Universe. After all, what are the odds of you walking out the door at the exact moment that the butterfly chose to sit on your stoop? When you think of the randomness of life and how unlikely it is for any two people or beings to interact with one another, it’s hard to deny that there is a greater power orchestrating the ‘chance meetings’ that take place in everyday life.

So what should you do when you receive these gifts from the Universe? You should do the same thing you do when you get a gift from someone on the Earthly┬áplane that you love. If you received a nice birthday gift, would you let the gift go unacknowledged? (If you did, chances are you’d offend the gift giver and they’d say to themselves, ‘I’m never getting a gift for that ungrateful hussy again.’)

While the Universe won’t be offended, it is always responding to our desires. If we don’t express acknowledgement and appreciation, the Universe assumes we didn’t really want the message. So since the Universe doesn’t want to overstep and give us things we don’t want, the Universe will slow down on sending you messages to help you navigate your life.

So, to avoid sending out the wrong message, always acknowledge the signs that you get from the Universe and express gratitude. Silently saying ‘thank you for that message,’ is all that you need to do. You might even say silently in your head, ‘Thank you, Universe. Please continue to send me more messages, please.’ If you do that, you’ll likely start to notice more synchronicity in your life and you’ll start to feel like you’re truly traveling on the right path.


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