An experiment in allowing

Have you ever noticed that one of the most effective ways to not get what you want is to try too hard? The person that pushes you to do something invariably turns you off, while the one that is nonchalant about your choice draws you to them.  That’s no coincidence and it makes perfect sense. When you have faith that something is coming, you relax and give little thought to how it will show up. But when you lack that faith and instead worry that it might not come, you focus on the lack and in the process make that your reality.

One of my favorite sayings is that life is the dancer and you are the dance. While we may think we’re in control of our destinies, true wisdom understands that we dance co-creatively with the Universe. We set our intentions and let the Universe lead the way to their fulfillment.

Here’s an exercise for you to take part in to become more comfortable with the Art of Allowing. For seven days, let the Universe guide your actions. Don’t make plans. Don’t instigate change. Don’t be proactive about anything. Rather, allow outside circumstances to lead you. Let invitations dictate your social life. Let fellow commuters pass you on the highway. Let others do the calling, visiting and pursuing. See what the Universe brings you when you are truly in passive mode.

You may be surprised by how easy life gets when you let it unfold.

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