An angel’s visit or synchronicity?

Eight years ago in May, I lost my father to cancer. At the funeral, I noticed a family of dragonflies circling my father’s grave. This was the first time I’d ever been aware of dragonflies. While I may have seen them before, I never gave them a second thought. That day, I was transfixed by the dragonflies, and thought they were absolutely beautiful.

A few weeks later, a dragonfly appeared in my front yard, sitting on my front step. This dragonfly sat still, and didn’t move even when I approached it. Since then, every May, a dragonfly continues to come to my home and sit on that same stoop, as if waiting for me to acknowledge its presence. Not surprisingly, I always associate this dragonfly with my dad. In fact, I believe it’s my dad’s way of letting me know he’s still around, particularly during the month of May, which is typically a hard time of the year for my family and me because of the anniversary of his death.

On Saturday, when I opened my front door, my dragonfly was sitting on the stoop. It was the first time this year I’d seen him. As usual, I was happy that he’d come around again.

Later that same morning, I noticed my cat jumping around my back door, tapping at the window. My cat is about a year old, and I got her last July. She is the calmest cat I’ve ever seen in my life, so it’s unusual for her to be so animated and spend so much energy swatting at anything outside. I got up to investigate what she was looking at and lo and behold, she was playing with my dragonfly.

Coincidence that my cat and I were both moved by the dragonfly’s appearance? I think not.

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