Am I an empath? A sign that you might be

Empaths are those who have the special ability to pick up on the emotions and the feelings of others. If you’ve ever gone into a room and literally felt the fear or excitement or rage of the collective crowd, you may have some traits of an empath.

There are different types of empaths. One unique quality that many empaths share is a dislike of buying or using second-hand things. This has nothing to do with expensive taste. Rather, it has to do with the fact that empaths are often able to detect the energy of things, as well as the energy of people.

If a violent incident occurred in a house twenty years ago, there’s a good chance that an empath would still feel the energetic residue from the experience. If a book was held and read by someone who was experiencing a great deal of grief, an empath might feel sad whenever he or she began to read it. If an article of clothing was worn by someone who experienced a lot of rage, an empath might feel angry for no reason upon wearing it, even if the item had been washed fifty times.

So how do you know if you’re impacted by the energy of objects? Pay attention to how different things make you feel. If you notice your mood or emotions suddenly shift from one extreme to another, notice what’s different. Did you pick up something? Did you go near something else? If you know you’re an empath, start keeping a journal of when your mood shifts and see if you notice a pattern when you are around certain objects.

If you do find that a certain object leaves you feeling bad, discard that object or stay away from it, if possible. Empaths may also ¬†want to refrain from using second-hand items so they have less of a chance of picking up on the energy that might have been left by someone who previously has come into contact with those objects. If you can’t eliminate an object that impacts you completely, find ways to put some distance between it and yourself, or take steps to remove yourself at regular intervals. For example, if a statue in your office lowers your energy, you might take frequent walks telecommute once a week in order to give yourself a break from its spell.

While it can be challenging to be an empath, it can also be rewarding. Click here to learn more about how to protect your energy and how to use empathy to strengthen your psychic ability

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