Acknowledging your signs of land

One of my favorite books is The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn. In fact,  The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn: 4 Complete Books is one of the greatest pick-me-ups when you need help with manifesting and getting your vibration right. One of my favorite concepts that she shares is that of looking out for signs of land.

Think about the story of Noah’s Ark and how Noah and his family stayed at sea waiting for the flood to end. They waited days and days and didn’t know when/if things would get better. Several times Noah sent out a dove and each time the dove returned because it could find no place to rest its foot.

However, one day Noah sent out a dove and it didn’t return. Noah rejoiced because he  knew that land was near and the flood was almost over.

This same concept can be applied to all of our lives. How many times do we work and wait for something to happen. Maybe we’re looking for a job and sending out resume after resume only to get rejection after rejection. Then, one day, we don’t find the full-time job that we were hoping for but we hear back about a temporary position that we are offered. That would be a sign of land. You’re not in the promised land yet, but you are close and you should acknowledge that with joy.

Another example is if you’re waiting for the relationship of your dreams. You might meet someone and go out on a couple of dates before parting ways. While the relationship of your dream hasn’t manifested — YET — the enjoyable dates with that person are signs of land. Again, you’re getting close.

So what do you do when you see those signs of land?

Express gratitude for them. One of the greatest manifestation tools is appreciation. The things that we are thankful for grow in our lives. You should also allow yourself to feel anticipation. After all, when you start noticing signs of land, consider it confirmation that you are on the right track and realizing your dream is just a matter of time.

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