Aches and pains: What is your body telling you?

How many times do you feel a minor ache or pain in your body and simply ignore it? It’s not a surprise that we do. Society tells us not to complain about small things. After all, it can always be worse. And then you might know someone with a major illness and think your small aches really aren’t something you should be upset about.

However, your aches and pains, no matter how small they may be, are your body’s way of telling you something. It might not even be a message about your physical body. For example, you may notice that your eyes have been bothering you much more than normal. Sure the simple explanation could be that you have been sitting in front of your computer for too long and your eyes are tied. But could your higher self be giving you the message that you are not seeing all that you need to see? Or perhaps, it can be a sign that your third eye — your intuition — is ready to open much wider.

When we don’t pay attention to what the small aches and pains are trying to tell us, they get bigger. The Universe, God, or whatever you call the Source energy from which we all come often uses aches and pains to get out attention. When we don’t get the messages, they often get bigger.

There is a metaphysical belief that at the root of every physical ailment lies a spiritual and metaphysical cause. Some people don’t like to hear that message because it puts the responsibility of healing on their doorstep. However, it can be empowering to know that even if you have created dis-ease in your life, you can also turn around and create wellness.

One of the best books that explains what different body ailments could be trying to tell you is Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. If you’ve never read this book, it is definitely one that you should read, and also keep on your bookshelf for future reference.

Hay believes that in order to achieve wellness, we must understand the spiritual/metaphysical reason the illness was created in the first place, and heal at the spiritual and metaphysical level. She says that when we don’t do the spiritual healing, the illness will come back even if a medical doctor has succeeded at cutting the presumed problem away.

At the back of the book, she includes a listing of medical conditions and the spiritual/metaphysical cause that is at the root of them. For example, she says that chronic diseases are often the result of a refusal to change, fear of the future and not feeling safe.  Cancer, according to Hay, is often the result of deep hurt and longstanding resentment. A deep secret or grief eating away at the soul and carrying hatreds for others can cause our bodies to manifest malignant tumors in this way.

If you’re ready to gain a new understanding of what your physical ailments are here to tell you, pick up a copy of You Can Heal Your Life. Our physical ailments are gifts because they open new doors to understanding and healing in our lives.



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