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Welcome fellow seekers!

My father once gave me what I consider to be some of the best advice of my life. He told me, don’t strive to work hard; strive to work smart. While it’s a common belief that we have to struggle for all of the things we want in life, the truth is, the Universe has got our back — if we know how to use it.

Many people depend upon logic and reason to make sense of the world, when in fact the world is a spiritual place, not a rational one. If you’re looking to manifest more love, money, success and happiness, a spiritual route will get you there much faster and easier than any logical one.

I’m Mara Enid, and our goal here at PracticalWisdomThatWorks is to help you apply universal wisdom to manifest the life you want. We’ll show you how to work with crystals, feng shui, candle magic, the Law of Attraction and other metaphysical tools to manifest a better life. Thanks for making us a part of your spiritual path, and drop me a line at mara@practicalwisdomthatworks.com and let me know how we can serve you better. Namaste!

–Mara Enid

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