A no-rules approach

No you don't have to jump through that hoop!

When I started this blog, I wanted to find a way to express my thoughts and encourage others to think about and discuss practical wisdom that works, and how to get more joy out of life by applying those lessons. It was — and is — a labor of love.

But as time has passed and I’ve seen via site statistics that I’m getting more and more returning visitors, I’ve found myself thinking ‘I need to blog today,’ or ‘I need to blog more often so people see something new whenever they come back.’ I’ve even thought about updating the site every day so the site lives up to the expectations of the most frequent readers. If not, maybe my visitors would leave and never come back.

And then I realized that my thoughts were turning this blog into a job. Or a monotonous task. Or a rule that I had to live my life by.  Any way you put it, my thoughts were sucking the joy out of the blogging process. That’s not how I want to live my life.

As a believer in Spiritual Law, I know that I can create any type of life I want if I believe it to be possible. So, ideally, I would create a site that attracted many frequent readers and inspired people to think about and talk about how to live a more joyful, successful and inspired life via principles of wisdom. In doing this, ideally, I would write when I felt inspired to write, and when it was an enjoyable process. Ideally, that would be just fine with the blog’s readers, who would also return when they felt inspired to come and when it was an enjoyable process. And I can accept that those readers who leave and never come back were not aligned with the site in the first place and they will be replaced by readers who can appreciate the more relaxed approach to discussing wisdom.

See where I’m going?

How often have you started doing something for pleasure, only to find yourself creating rules to govern how you did it? For example, planning to get out more, then telling yourself you must go out twice a week. (Did you feel the fun quotient drop?) Or planning to spend more time with friends, then deciding you must call someone in your phone book each evening after work.

Instead of creating more rules to live by, try taking a no-rules approach to something. You may be surprised what it teaches you. If you find yourself naturally making more time for it, it’s something you enjoy and it’s a task worth doing. If you never make time for it, maybe you don’t enjoy it, or your body could be telling you there’s something else that’s more important right now.

Either way, allow your natural inclination — or your intuition — to guide you forward in one area of your life. Revel in the mystery of your own process and consider it an exercise in spontaneity. The less you rely on rules, the more comfortable you become trusting your heart and allowing your life to unfold.

As for my blogging schedule? Maybe I’ll write tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe in an hour from now. Check back whenever you feel inspired and see.



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