A message to your future self…

When you’re feeling particularly inspired, you know you have the power to transform your life and everything in it. But who can maintain that level of trust and confidence at all times? [If you have figured out the magic formula, you need to bottle it and sell it. You’d make a fortune.] I stumbled across a Web site that can help. FutureMe.org allows you to write an email to yourself, designate the date for its delivery, and the service will email you the message at that time. If you’re feeling particularly insightful, the message you write today can serve as the perfect pick-me-up a few months from now if you’re going through a rough patch.

This service can also be used as a fantastic Law of Attraction tool. Write an email to yourself describing in detail all of the changes you will have manifested into your life in the next six months. Write the message as if the changes have already taken place. Imagine how you feel as a result of these changes, and  be as detailed as possible about how these changes have impacted your life.  In six months when you get this email, you can see just how successful you’ve been at attracting what you want into your life.

When using this service, make sure you set the delivery date far enough into the future that you’ll forget about it. Life works best when we let go and allow it to unfold. 

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