A Law of Attraction Tip for Singles

So you’re single and you want to attract a relationship. If you understand the Law of Attraction, one of the most powerful secrets of the universe, you know that you attract what you focus on. One piece of advice that works is that you can attract something you want in your life by spending more time with people who already have it. That old saying, Birds of a Feather Flock Together, has metaphysical roots. If you hang around people who are going someplace in life, you’re more likely to go someplace than if you hang around people who are content with the status quo. It’s all about alignment. Like does attract like.

So the question that begs to be answered: Should singles only hang around single people? If you’re single, you may say that you have little in common with your married friends. Or if you have no children, you may say that you have little to talk about with people who are currently raising young children. Because of that, it’s natural for you to spend most of your time with other single people who can relate to your current life.

singlesBut does it make sense to spend most of your time around people who validate your current life when you are working to manifest a different life? I’m not saying to ditch all of your single friends, but doesn’t it make sense, according to the Law of Attraction, to spend more time with the married friends who already have the very lifestyle you’re in the process of attracting into your life?

Along the same lines, should Law of Attraction-proficient singles go to singles events? At a singles event, you’re basically bringing together a group of people who have been manifesting a lifestyle of ‘being single.’ While some of these people will be in manifesting mode, attracting what they want, many, no doubt are single because they are so focused on the life they currently have. Are these the people you want in your vibration? Singles groups, such as those organized by Churches, also tend to be so focused on living the single life that many members of the group continue to attract more of that same single life.

Again, this post is not suggesting that you toss your single friendships to the side. In fact, read here for one important caveat to consider when you’re surrounding yourself with married and partnered friends.

But you and your single friends can make more of an effort to include some of your married and otherwise partnered friends in your activities to bring more of that relationship energy into the mix.

At the very least, I challenge Law of Attraction-loving singles to do one thing this month to shift your alignment somewhat for a relationship:

  • Spend some time with your married and partnered friends. Rather than looking at their lifestyle as something that you don’t have, soak up the energy of being in a relationship. You’ll attract your own relationship soon.


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