A Law of Attraction mind trick

One of the biggest challenges people have with using the Law of Attraction is staying out of the ‘lack’ mindset. Remember, if you focus on what you don’t have, you’re going to get more of what you don’t have. One of the keys of using the Law of Attraction is getting into the energy of having what you want even before you have it.

Yes, I’m not going to lie, that’s challenging. After all, if you want a better job, it’s hard to feel like you already have it when you’re having to report to your old, crummy job every day.

So here’s a way to trick yourself into feeling like you already have what you want, even when you don’t have it.

Imagine that there is an invisible cord that extends from your aura. That invisible cord goes out and is energetically drawn to all of the things that belong to us on an energetic level. The things that we desire are things that share an energetic connection to us. If we had no energetic connection to them, we wouldn’t want them.

Think about a loved one who is fascinated by something that you have no interest in. You have no energetic connection to that object. There is a reason that you are drawn to certain things. You wouldn’t be drawn to something that you are not meant to have. (This is true in the abstract case. You aren’t meant to ‘have’ any particular person, for example, so don’t go stalking someone. However, you are meant to have love and relationships.)

So back to the mind trick. Your invisible cord is very important because it goes out and it attaches itself to those things that belong to you energetically. The energetic connection takes place before the physical connection. When things unite energetically they are coming together under the surface. Sort of like plants and flowers growing beneath the soil until they pop their tiny leaves above the soil in the spring.

Visualize your invisible cord bringing your desires to you. They are always energetically yours. The new job, the new house, the new clients, the relationship — energetically they already belong to you. Now you are simply calling them to you and your invisible cords are doing the bulk of the work.

How does this feel? It doesn’t feel like lack, does it? It feels as if you already have what you want to have. And you do. And you will. Changing your mindset is crucial for getting the Law of Attraction to work. For more help in changing your mindset, check out Manifest Miracle, a self-help program that provides the missing piece that keeps many people from using the Law of Attraction successfully. Watch a free video about Manifest Miracle by clicking here.

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