A great book on synchronicity

I consider synchronicity to be one of the benefits of living a metaphysical life. You have seemingly coincidental experiences occur that have special messages for you and you alone. For example, you’re wondering if you should start looking for a new job and you’re in the library and someone has left a book on making your next career move on a table. Sure, some would say this was just happenstance, but those of us with a metaphysical bent know that it is instead the universe’s way of making sure that we have all that we need.

One of the books that first exposed me to the concept of synchronicity is James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy. If you want to see synchronicity in action so you can get a better idea of how to use it to benefit your life, pick this book up.  The book is the fictional story of a man who embarks on a quest to find nine insights to life that have been published in an ancient Peruvian manuscript. The manuscript is lost, and the Peruvian government and the Church both seek to suppress the manuscript, as they don’t want the mass public to be empowered by the wisdom it contains. They are afraid that the Church and government will be threatened if people take personal responsibility for their lives.  (Sound familiar? The story is fictional, but it’s not a hard stretch of the imagination.)

In the course of the story, the narrator quickly discovers that synchronicity is the biggest force that propels him from one insight to the next. It is only when he pays attention to synchronicities that he evolves. For example, he first learns about the manuscript following a synchronicity. He has been thinking for the last couple of days about an old friend when that friend calls him out of the blue to tell him she is in town and asks if he will come meet her for lunch. It is during that lunch that the main character first hears about the nine insights. While some may scoff that that is a synchronicity, it’s important to note that the main character didn’t have to meet the friend. He could have been busy, he could have felt inconvenienced by the last-minute call. He could have held a grudge that the friend hadn’t been in touch for so long. Instead, he simply acknowledged that it was too much of a coincidence to hear from someone just when he had been thinking of her, and he acted. He was rewarded by evolving — being shown the next step in his life so he could take it.

Another synchronicity takes the character on his next step in his journey. After learning about the manuscript and considering going to Peru to look for it, the character calls the airline only to find that there is a flight that day and a seat has opened up at the last minute. Another synchronicity. Have you ever ‘been in the right place at the right time’ to benefit from something? A couple I know was considering moving from Washington, DC to North Carolina. When they went to North Carolina to visit a family member they saw a home with a ‘for sale’ sign and decided to check it out on a lark. Not only did they love the home, but the seller was really trying to unload it and offered them a deal that they couldn’t refuse. They bought the house despite the fact that they hadn’t put their current home on the market.

When they got home, they put their home on the market. Though the housing market was still in the toilet, remarkably, they found a buyer within three weeks. You can consider all of these coincidences, but I — and the couple — considered these to be examples of synchronicity and a sign that they were making the right move in relocating to North Carolina.

Just as The Celestine Prophecy shows, synchronicity is your direct connection to the universe. Make sure you use it.


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