Releasing the poison from body and mind

poisonThe first time I did a detox, I had no idea what to expect. I’d heard people talk about how they had experienced a rush of energy by cleansing their body of toxins, but that didn’t prepare me for clarity and peace of mind that I experienced when I tried it. My anxiety levels went down and I felt much, much lighter.

It makes sense that lightening up physically can make a major difference emotionally and spiritually. Even my long-haired cat recently got a lion cut shave and I was amazed at how much friskier and happier she seemed after the cut. I guess we all could stand to lose some of the dead weight in our lives.

I invite you to try detoxing your body and mind. The start of the new year is a great time to do this with our focus on new beginnings, but you can really do it anytime. ¬†Metaphysical publisher Hay House is offering a 21-Day Whole Life Detox course that attempts to provide healing inside and out. What I like about this detox is that it deals with food as well as environment. In the first week of the 21-day program you’ll look at where you are and what you need to get rid of. For example, you’re going to identify foods, relationships and habits that aren’t serving you. Maybe you’ll finally acknowledge that you don’t need to keep buying those Sour Cream and Onion potato ships; perhaps you’ll take a break from that girlfriend that brings you down; or maybe you’ll have a news fast — if you’re a news junkie, like me, you may be surprised at the lift that you get just from shutting your mind to all of the tension and drama in the world.

During the second week of the process, you’ll focus on cleansing. You’ll get to sample recipes that are designed to purify your body. The online course also comes with assignments so you’ll be asked to explore some beliefs that you have about your life and your relationships. It may be time to throw out some of those beliefs, which you can do just as you’re eliminating your body’s physical toxins.

The third week of the program will help you to transition into a new way of being. Have you ever gone on a diet or some other short-term program only to go back to your previous behavior? Well this course uses the third week to help you to avoid going back to the destructive habits that you’ve just gotten rid of. You’ll learn new ways of thinking, acting and being. In my detox experience, I even lost that five pounds I’d been trying for months to lose.

Donna Gates is the creator of this program. She’s a nutritional consultant, an author and a lecturer. She’s helped people not only improve their eating habits, but she’s helped many to overcome immune system disorders. She’s also the author of The Body Ecology Diet.

If you’re looking to feel better this year — and who isn’t — give the 21-Day Detox a try. Since it’s available for easy download, you can start it whatever day you want. When you feel better physically and emotionally, you thrive in all that you do.

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