9 ways to dig ditches for money

coinsYesterday we talked about the wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn and how in her book The Game of Life she spoke of digging ditches or preparing now for the things that we want as if we already have them. By doing this, we train our minds to expect those things that we want, and what we truly expect and believe to be true now is what turns into our reality.

So how can we dig ditches – or make preparations – for money? Anything that you would do once you had a lot of money, either do it now or start making plans for it now. You might also educate yourself now about how to handle large sums of money. After all, if you really believe you’re going to get a windfall, you have to have trusted advisers to help you manage it or learn to manage it yourself, right?

In other words, look at your current life and ask yourself if you’re truly ready for that which you seek. If the thing that you most want occurred today, would you be able to handle it? If the answer is no, you’re not living in a state of ready expectation so it’s no wonder you haven’t attracted it yet.

By taking tangible steps today to prepare for something, you show active faith, and show that you truly believe it to be true. How powerful is that?

Here are nine suggestions for digging ditches for money. Let this be the start of your list – one that resonates with you and truly exemplifies how you would live once an influx of the money you desire actually comes in.

Treat yourself to dinner at an upscale restaurant.

Donate money to an important cause.

Interview financial advisors (so you’ll have someone to handle your money)

Take a class on investing large amounts of money

Look for potential businesses/franchises to buy

Research trips/home improvement strategies or whatever you’re planning to do with the money.

Browse through stores and try on clothes you’ll be able to afford when you get the money.

Start writing your book called “How I Got Out of Debt”

Start a cash-only policy. If you’re rich, why would you charge up your credit cards?

What would you do with an influx of cash? Start doing it today.

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