7 ways your throat chakra could be messing with your money

Could your throat chakra be creating money challenges in your life? The answer is a resounding yes.

Your throat chakra has to do with speaking your truth, stating who you are and what you are worth. There are many, many ways that a blocked throat chakra could manifest itself through money challenges.

A blocked throat chakra can stop you from asking for a raise that you deserve. If you feel uncomfortable telling your manager about all of your professional successes and why you are great, that’s not a money problem. That’s your discomfort in standing in and proclaiming your truth.

A blocked throat chakra can stop you from asking for what you really want in salary negotiations. Are you afraid that others won’t agree with your evaluation of your self-worth? Do you think you’re asking for too much? Are afraid that if you ask for what you’re worth, you won’t get the job? If you have absolutely no money coming in, you can always suggest the salary you want but show a willingness to negotiate.

A blocked throat chakra can prevent you from saying ‘no’ to a loved one who wants to borrow money from you even if you don’t feel comfortable giving it. Just as it’s important to know how to communicate what you want in life, it’s also important to communicate what you don’t. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t make you the bad guy, but a blocked throat chakra can keep you from sharing that truth.

A blocked throat chakra can prevent you from asking others for the money that they owe you. Have you lent people money only to never see it again? There’s a saying that you should only lend money you’re prepared to give. That’s true, and you may never get your money back. Honor yourself by speaking up. If the person doesn’t pay you back, that karma then falls on him.

A blocked throat chakra can prevent you from asking for money from clients if you are self-employed. If you are self-employed or are a business owner and you hesitate to send invoices or follow up on late payments, your unwillingness to demand the money that you earned and deserve can run you out of business.

A blocked throat chakra can stop you from seeking financial help from a professional if you need it. Are you afraid to say the words ‘I need help?’ Are you afraid to admit to someone else that you made some mistakes and you need some guidance to turn things around?  Nobody’s perfect, and opening that throat chakra fully means being able to share the good and the bad.

A blocked throat chakra can stop a couple from communicating about the money challenges they are facing. Money problems are the number one reason that people get divorced. If you hide purchases or are afraid to talk about money mistakes, there are likely other issues going on that are leading to your financial behavior, but your throat chakra could be keeping you from getting it out in the open.

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