7 psychic hunches you should never ignore

Everyone has psychic abilities. While you may prefer to get a quarterly reading from your favorite online psychic, the truth is you probably already know much of what someone else is there to tell you. (Psychics are great at providing confirmation, however.)

Unfortunately we often ignore the psychic messages we get or we blow them off because we feel like there’s no logical explanation for them. However, that’s the very nature of psychic ability. We know things that we have no logical way of knowing. So waiting for physical proof defeats the purpose of having psychic abilities in the first place. Ask a woman who felt drawn to an out-of-the-way coffee shop and met her soulmate there if she would have been better off waiting until she logically knew that a wonderful man would be there waiting for her.

If you’re not comfortable using your own psychic abilities or you don’t trust them, you should explore a psychic development course. Your life changes so much for the better when you have the power of your intuition working for you. You can have insight into what you need to do in your career, in your romantic life and in your financial world to bring about changes that are in your best interest. Your intuition is always looking out for you. Learning to understand its language is paramount to having a successful life.

Investing in strengthening your psychic abilities is one of the smartest investments you can make, but if you’re not ready, there are still 7 psychic hunches that you should never ignore.

A hunch that your partner is cheating. Your subconscious picks up on things that are not evident to your conscious mind. While you don’t have to immediately act on the thought that your partner is cheating, at least pay closer attention if your gut is telling you he is.

A hunch that your child is lying. Is your child gravitating toward the wrong crowd or getting involved in something that may not be in his or her best interests? A parent’s connection with a child is a very intuitive one. If you feel like your child is lying, pay close attention and figure out what your child is trying to hide from you.

A hunch that something is physically wrong. I’m sure you’ve seen stories of people who sought a second opinion because they knew something was wrong? If you feel instinctively that something is physically wrong with you see your doctor immediately and insist on being checked out.

A hunch that your job is in jeopardy. Is it time to put out that resume? Your intuition can keep you from being blindsided by a layoff or a firing.  While there may not be anything you can do to change things and keep the job, you can start putting feelers out for your next move, which can be even more fulfilling if you truly let your intuition guide you.

intuitiveA hunch that a loved one needs you. Ever had the feeling that something was wrong with one of your loved ones? Never underestimate that feeling. If you feel like a loved one is in trouble or needs your help, contact him or her immediately. Again, our relationships are often characterized by psychic connections. Use them.

A hunch that you should stay home. If you’re getting ready to go somewhere, yet you have the strongest urge to stay home, don’t second-guess it. It’s ok to change your mind about things. In fact, if you live intuitively, you’ll probably often change your mind as logic may be steady, but intuition is not.

A hunch that it’s time to retreat. Have you ever felt repelled by someone and only wanted to leave their presence? When that happens, honor that as soon as you can. You can pick up on the energy of others, and if that energy doesn’t feel good, there’s a reason. When you don’t want to be around someone remove yourself. If it’s someone like a boss who you can’t avoid, start looking for another job. Toxic people can create illness; by trusting your vibes and your inherent psychic abilities, you can avoid this and keep your relationships healthy.

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