5 Ways to Invite Magick into 2017

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I looked in the last couple of weeks, people have been moaning about how bad 2016 was. From political upheaval to personal crises, people seemed to be holding onto a sense of despair and a loss of control. But luckily we have more control over our lives than we sometimes think. In the hustle and bustle of our modern-day high-tech world, we often lose sight of the ancient wisdom, rituals and magick that can help us to transform our lives into the experience we’re looking for.

We see the reality of magick every time we experience a major (or even minor) change in our lives. When we manifest something new, we’re reaping the benefits of magick gone right. Often we stumble upon the benefits of magick by default.

Someone tells us about an herbal remedy and we try it and discover it works. We give up on a goal in frustration only to have our dream unexplainably come true. We stumble upon the right person at the right time and a magickal experience results.

While we often experience magick by accident, here are some ways we can consciously increase the odds that magick will enter and transform our lives.

Next time you read a self-help book actually apply one of the principles for three months to see if it works. Giving it three months gives the Universe a chance to do its thing. If you quit too soon, you aren’t giving your intention a chance to become real.

Set aside five minutes to meditate each day. Notice I didn’t say an hour or even 30 minutes. One of the reasons we have trouble adapting new habits is we often ask too much of ourselves. We want to force ourselves to do more than we can handle at first. Think about the person who joins the gym as a New Year’s resolution and vows to go for an hour every day. That person would probably have more success if he or she simply went a couple of times a week at first, to allow themselves to get to used to a new routine. When it comes to meditation, five minutes might not seem like a lot, but that’s the point. You can find five minutes to be still or silent. You can find five minutes to pay attention to your thoughts and quiet your mind. Some find it easier to meditate when they are listening to meditation music or MP3s.  If you try this for, you guessed it, three months, I bet you’ll realize you enjoy it.

Start interacting with crystals. The beautiful thing about crystals is they can lift our vibrations without us having to do anything at all. By carrying around crystals or wearing them or meditating with them, we allow their healing properties to transform us energetically, and that then changes everything.

Literally invite magick into your life. Set the intention that magick have its way with you. Don’t just be open to synchronicity; ask for it and expect it. Look for the answers to your questions in the form of people you run into, songs you hear on the radio and chance occurrences in your life.

Learn about a form of ancient wisdom. Read a book or take a class on Tarot, psychic development, Runes, candle magick, crystal healing or any other school of esoteric thought. Doing so teaches you to be open to all of the possibilities of life. And once you stop closing yourself off to what can happen, you’ve paved the way for miracles.

Choosing to usher magick into your life can be one of the greatest decisions you can make. We here at PracticalWisdomThatWorks.com, along with our sister sites PsychicLessons.com and Lightworkerbusiness.com will do what we can to help you along in that magickal endeavor.

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