4 dating tips for empaths

If you’re an empath, you know that some of the everyday experiences that other people have can be difficult for you. Dating is no exception. For empaths, who feel other people’s emotions strongly, a new relationship can be overwhelming — even if it’s something you really want.

Not only do empaths feel heavy, painful emotions such as anger, fear and depression more strongly than others, but they can also literally be knocked off their feet by feelings of joy, excitement and happiness. Yes, happiness and excitement can be overwhelming when they are experienced suddenly and in a huge way, and everything empaths experience is huge.

If you are an empath and you find yourself in a new relationship, consider these four tips to keep yourself from driving yourself — and your significant other — crazy.

Give yourself enough alone time. When you start a new relationship, it’s natural to want to spend as much time as possible with your sweetie. However, failing to give yourself enough time alone is failing to exercise self-care, if you are an empath. Continue to do things that you enjoy doing alone while also making time to be with your new partner. The balance will help you to avoid feeling too much too soon and help keep the relationship moving at a healthy pace.

Avoid the desire to go all in — at first. When empaths feel an emotional connection, they often want to just jump head first into the relationship. Many empaths report having relationships that are short and intense — almost as if they crammed years of a relationship into a month. It’s hard to sustain anything that intense, so try to pace yourself and let the relationship flow.

Acknowledge your fears. Whenever two people are being vulnerable with one another — which is the hallmark of a relationship — fear is involved. However, empaths not only feel their own fear very strongly, but they may also pick up on the fear of their romantic partner. While fear has a purpose — it can tell us to be cautious — it can also keep us stuck and afraid to move forward. Practice meditation regularly and be honest about your fears so you can better determine if they are unfounded.

Be open about your needs. As an empath, you will always need to have a certain type of environment to be healthy. For example, you’ll need alone time,  and you’ll want to limit your time around large crowds and loud noises. If you’re dating someone who is the life of the party and wants to go out all of the time, you may find that the two of you begin to have conflicts over where you spend this time. You can avoid this by explaining to your partner what it means to be an empath and how you must live in order to take care of your needs. If this is a partner worth having, he or she will be willing to compromise with you and ensure that those needs are met.

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