3 Words That Will Stop a Manifestation in its Tracks

Those who believe in the Law of Attraction know that there are spiritual laws that help us to attract in our lives the things that we want. Thanks to experts like Mike Dooley, we know that thoughts become things, and we can bring changes into our lives by visualizing and feeling the changes we want to see before they occur. While you can read all the Law of Attraction books you want to read and try all of the different processes, three words will stop your manifestation in its tracks: Make It Happen.

Using the Law of Attraction requires a level of faith and belief that the Universe, or God, or whatever spiritual power you believe in is powerful enough and good enough to create miracles on your behalf. You must have faith that something will happen before it does.

However, when we focus on ‘making something happen,’ we show our belief in the opposite. We show that we believe the Universe isn’t powerful enough to bring us our dreams; instead, we have to bring them to fruition ourselves.

But here’s the thing. We don’t know as much as the Universe, and most likely, the thing we want is going to happen in a way that we could never have imagined.

Consider the desire to have more money. In your limited thinking, ‘making ┬áit happen’ may mean working double shifts. So you spend all your waking hours working and trying to make more money and you’re likely miserable in the process. But how do you know the Universe won’t bring you money in another way? For example, you may learn that you’re the recipient of an inheritance from a relative you didn’t even know. Or perhaps you feel the inspiration to buy a lottery ticket and you pick the winning numbers. Wouldn’t that be easier than working like an indentured servant?

The point is it’s not up to us to make things happen. Instead, we’re just meant to take inspired actions that will help with the cause (if we believe them to be helping), and leave it up to the Universe to bring the dream to fruition.

Instead of making it happen, Watch It Happen.

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