4 Ways to Say ‘No’ to an Energy Vampire at Work

Most of us have had the unpleasant experience of being sucked dry by an energy vampire. Sometimes referred to as psychic vampires, these people literally drain the energy from inside of you. They may complain a lot, seem envious of you, argue with you all the time or engage in some other action that drives you crazy.  A sign that you’re in the company of an energy vampire is that you  end up feeling worse whenever you spend time with this person. While energy vampires can be found in all aspects of life, they can be particularly annoying at work.

If you’re wondering what energy vampires get out of this annoying behavior, refer to the energy vampire definition. They literally want your energy. While you leave the interaction feeling worse, they leave feeling better because the attention you gave them made them feel happy, noticed, important, fill-in-the-blank. These people don’t know how to conjure up good feelings on their own, so they depend on others to make them feel better.

The best way to avoid being caught in an energy vampire’s lair is to avoid the energy vampire altogether. However, in the workplace, an energy vampire can be the person in the next cubicle, the office gossip or even your boss. It may not be possible to avoid being around this person, particularly if you have to work with them.

However, there are a couple of things you can do to protect your energy, which should be your top priority. One of the best things you can do is set the intention to protect yourself. Psychic protection techniques can help youLiterally visualize yourself surrounded by a bubble that contains your energy unless you choose to release it. Visualize yourself with the energy vampire, except in this vision, picture the energy vampire being unable to get under your skin and sap your energy.

Another thing you can do in this digital age is rely on technology to communicate with this person as much as possible. If you can send an email, do that rather than walking over to their desk. A telephone call would also be preferable to spending time with this person face to face.

If you do have to spend time interacting with this person, try to do it when you have something else to do shortly. Let the person know upfront that the interaction will be short. For example, you can tell the energy vampire that you only have a few minutes because you’re headed to another meeting, but you wanted to stop by his or her office to go over some information for a report.

If you have the option to work remotely, you might try doing that, particularly on days when you would otherwise have to deal with the energy vampire.

Your workday is challenging enough without adding the angst of an energy vampire on top of it.

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