3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity

crayons-gsIn a world that’s focused on logic, systems and order, it can be easy to close off your creative self. Creativity stems from our emotional sides, and when we close off our emotions, it’s no wonder our creativity suffers. But allowing your creativity to flow does more than satisfy your inner artist. It helps you to become more in touch with your inner self, and it even helps you to become more intuitive. When you are in touch with your intuition, you make better decisions in all aspects of your life.

While taking a painting class may help you to find your inner muse, it’s not the only way to get the creative juices flowing. In fact, if you follow these three steps,  jumpstarting your creativity may be easier than you think.

Handle your basic needs. The idea of the ‘starving artist’ is such a popular one that many people associate creativity with poverty. There’s a romanticized notion of an artist struggling for the sake of their art. But struggle hinders creativity. When you’re in survival mode, it’s difficult to find the energy to be truly creative because you’re probably stressed out. Same goes if you don’t eat healthy or get enough sleep. By taking care of your basic needs such as food, rest and general stability, you’ll find more energy to pursue those things that give your spirit a lift.

Get ‘unbusy.’ One of the myths that many of us buy into is the belief that the busier you are the more successful you are. There is no correlation between busy-ness and successful. And being busy leaves you with not only the time to be creative but a lack of energy for letting your creative side show, as well.  When you’re busy all the time, you’re likely adding things to your schedule that you don’t need to know. And it’s easy to have a to-do list that reflects actions that other people want you to do rather than the core actions that are in alignment with your spirit.

Revel in the creativity of others. Many people look for creative ideas to wash over them and leave them in a state of inspiration. In reality, creativity often trickles out a little at a time. And creativity might not hit you as an urge to create an artistic masterpiece yourself. You may be inspired to read more fiction, go see a play, watch a movie or take in another person’s creative efforts. Allow yourself to indulge in the creativity of others and see where it leads.

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