3 times busier isn’t better

In some cultures people pride themselves on being busy. Ask someone how they’re doing and they say they’ve been busy like it’s a badge of honor. However, busier isn’t always better. In fact, being constantly busy can keep you from achieving your goals.

Sure, sometimes we’ve got a lot of things to juggle like work, relationships and our own personal growth. However, here are some signs that your busy tendencies could be getting in your way.

1 You have no time for your favorite activities. What do you like to do most? If you can’t answer that or you can’t remember when the last time was that you did one of those activities, you’re not practicing self-love. Seriously. Self-love is taking the time to do the things that bring wonder and happiness to your soul. Period.

2 You’re doing things because others say you should be doing it. I recently heard someone say she posts on Facebook because everyone does it. Not because she likes posting on Facebook. Not because she gets some joy out of communicating with people that way. But because others do it and if she doesn’t do it, she feels like she’s missing out on some rite of passage. If you’re going to be busy, be busy doing the things you want to do, not the things others think you should be doing.

3 You’re busy with things to avoid feeling sad/lonely/inadequate/fill-in-the-blank. Being busy is a great way to avoid things. Noone likes to feel bored and lonely, so why not fill our days with so many activities that you don’t have time to feel that way?

Well the problem is when you fill your days with being busy, you miss out on the message your feelings are trying to tell you. Being bored or lonely are very valuable feelings. They tell you that you need to find some new activities or meet some new people. However, if you’re always busy, how are you going to do that?

By delving into your feelings and emotions – rather than running from them or avoiding them – you tap into your intuition and you’ll be guided into taking the steps you need to take to move past the undesirable feeling.

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