3 signs the Universe wants you to take a time out

One of the beautiful things about the way the world works is that we constantly get guidance and messages about what to do next. We just have to learn how to recognize those signs when they come about. So often people forge through with a plan simply because that’s the way they’ve always done things without slowing down and listening to the signs to see if they should course correct.

But the Universe will often let you know when you should take a break. Sometimes we’re meant to stop because we’re going in the wrong direction. However, other times it might be a matter of timing. For example, you might need to slow down simply to give┬ácircumstances the opportunity to catch up.

Often when we slow down, we gain clarity and come away with new insight into what we’ve been trying to do. Here are some signs that you’d benefit from slowing down to see what the Universe is trying to tell you.

You’ve come down with an illness. So often people fight colds and illnesses and try to ignore them and work through them. We take medications designed to stifle our symptoms enough for us to keep going as if nothing is wrong. However, often the Universe uses minor illnesses to get us to take a rest. The next time you catch a cold or a virus, think about what was going on in your life before you got sick. What were you focusing on? Use the time of healing and recovery to meditate on that aspect of your life to see if you feel guided to make a change.

You’ve had setback after setback. Challenges and obstacles are a part of life. But when we’re hit with setback after setback, it could be a sign that the timing is wrong or we’re knocking on the wrong door. While multiple setbacks don’t necessarily mean that you should give up, they definitely suggest that it’s a good time to take a pause and do some inner work to see if you’re drawn to a new method of attack.

You’re super frustrated. Your energy and your attitude are crucial when it comes to manifestation. If you’re super frustrated or you can sense that your attitude is not in a good place, this is a wonderful time to sit back and let the Universe do some of the work for you. Manifestation is both an active and a passive process. We do some of the work while the Universe does some of the work. When you’re frustrated and find it difficult to stay motivated, the Universe could be telling you to let her take some of the slack.

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