3 signs someone is giving off bad energy

One of the best forms of self-care is paying attention to your body and your spirit when you interact with others. Often our physical and emotional reactions will give us a clue about how we feel about someone or something before our logical mind is able to catch up.

It’s easy to determine when someone is good for us. We feel better around them, we feel energized, we look forward to spending more time with them. However, often, we talk ourselves out of recognizing when someone is giving off bad energy. If we can’t logically determine why we shouldn’t be around someone we ignore our body’s cues that a person is not in our best interests.

Wondering how you can tell that someone is giving off bad energy? Here are three signs to look out for.

1 The person leaves you feeling drained. The best relationships are those that give you energy and make you feel better when you’re around that other person. If you find that your energy level drops whenever someone is around, it’s a sign that they may be an emotional vampire — someone who literally sucks your energy life force from you. Your energy is one of your most important gifts. It is important to protect it.

2 You experience physical aches when you’re around this person. If you find yourself with a headache whenever you’re around someone, that’s a clear sign to pay attention to that interaction. Often our intuition works through our physical body. We literally feel bodily sensations or aches and pains that can let us know that a situation is not a good one for us.

3 You procrastinate when it’s time to interact with them. Do you find yourself feeling like you ‘should call’ someone or ‘should spend time’ with them but you constantly put them off? ┬áThe ‘should’ word is a surefire sign that your intuition is saying ‘no.’ When we don’t protect ourselves, our bodies and spirits try to trick us. We put things off or find other things to do to take up our time. In other words, we create elaborate excuses to keep us from having to do something that we don’t want to do in the first place.

Your energy is impacted by the your interactions with the world. By focusing on your energy when you engage in others, you can gain insight into who give your spirit a list, and whose energy you should try to avoid.

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