3 Reasons to Not Take Advice from Others

Practical Wisdom That Works columnist Fenesha Hubbard.

Have you ever been stuck in the decision making process?  One way people try to get unstuck is to search for answers.  It is easy these days to find self-help information.  With the internet, we are a click away from teachers, healers and wellness gurus, ready to provide you the insight you need, when you need it.

Sifting through information online for the truth can be time consuming and daunting, particularly because of the varied views and opinions available to you.  Exploring why  you are seeking the information could make the quest for information more encouraging, and may even teach you to not seek advice from others.

If you are in a situation where you must make a decision but you aren’t sure of what to do, you may seek to learn from people who have been in similar situations.  Learning how others have approached your circumstance could help you form a stronger opinion, and thus make a firm decision.

Or, perhaps you’ve made a decision but it isn’t solid, so you seek other people’s ideas and advice to help sway your option to a more firm stance.  With either of these approaches, it’s important to consider these three reasons why you should try to avoid taking advice from others:

  1. Everyone’s Got Their Something. We are all complex individuals, uniquely wired, with a wide range of backgrounds.  When someone gives you advice, it comes from their limited perspective, which is based solely on their knowledge and experiences.

  2. You Don’t Need Advice.  If you are looking for advice, chances are that you don’t need it.  Instead, what you probably need is someone else to affirm your opinion in order to boost your confidence.

  3. All of the Answers are Within You.  Everyone has access to the same knowledge, so why seek outside of yourself for information that can be found within?  If you are constantly seeking advice from others, you may want to learn to trust yourself more.

Before you consider seeking advice from others, strive to go within and get clear about what you really want, devoid of other people’s opinions. Remember that there will always be people who agree with you, those that disagree with you, and those that do not care at all.  The key to being content and confident with your decision is to find those who agree with you. (Those that disagree with you can help you grow by challenging you to think more broadly, but make sure you are firm in your decision before you partake with naysayers.)

If you absolutely must get advice from someone, make sure they can not only relate to your experience, but have a positive orientation toward the experience.  Then remind yourself that whatever decision you make will always be the best decision for you, which will boost your confidence.

Fenesha Hubbard, a student of metaphysics for nearly 25 years, facilitates learning by helping people navigate difficult topics with ease. She is a lover of life and chooses to make it great daily. Check her out at fenesha.com.


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