3 Must-Haves for Your Manifesting Toolkit

When things are going good, it’s easy to find things to feel grateful for and to see the magic of manifestation in your life. After all, your positive vibes are attracting their vibrational match.

But when you’re having a particularly bad day or week or month, you may find yourself wondering whether you’re making this manifestation stuff up. Unfortunately, the LOA works both ways so when you’re in a downward spiral you’re naturally going to find more things to drag you down.

So you’ve got to find a way to break yourself out of that rut.

This is where your manifesting toolkit comes in – a set of tools that can lift your spirits, increase your optimism and get you back on track. Most likely you already have these items, but the key is remembering to pull them out when you’re feeling particularly low.

That Special Book: If you’re like many metaphysically-minded people, you have a ton of self-help books. Think back to the one that you couldn’t put down that left you motivated for weeks. The one that changed your perception of life. The one that had you ready to meditate, follow your passion and change your life.  For me it was the Celestine Prophecy, and whenever I’m feeling disconnected, I pull out those nine insights and it has me looking for synchronicities once again.

An Arsenal of Songs: Music is one of the best mood-lifters. What songs put a smile on your face and leave you feeling like you can conquer the world? Some of my favorites are I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelley and Fly Like a Bird by Mariah Carey. Even the imagery of flying makes me feel free and powerful. These are songs that remind you to look deeper inside of yourself for your personal power and leave you knowing that you’re going to be ok. You can even create playlists to go to in certain situations. Just as a playlist of uptempo music can get you geared up for your workout, a playlist full of love songs is a great way to lift your vibration so you can improve your relationship – or attract a new one.

A Manifestation Memory:  This is perhaps the most important tool you have — your own memory of a time when you manifested something that you wanted in your life. When things are going bad, we have a habit of thinking about all the other mistakes we’ve made and the other bumps we’ve experienced in our travels. This is when you need to pull out that memory of the time you got what you wanted. The time that you had a dream that did come true. It doesn’t matter how small it was; it just matters that you hold it in your mind’s eye as evidence to yourself that you have the power to create wonderful things in your life.


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